MT Services

MT Services has been dealing with the distribution and services related to entertainment products (CD, DVD, Games) for over 40 years, including all the processes that bring the product to the end user throughout the national territory. MT Services offers an all-inclusive service for hypermarkets, entertainment specialists and technical superstore through a sales agents network with the aim of creating added value along the entire supply chain. MT Services is also dealing with the world of technology and toys related products.


The store is the consumer reference point. Each shelf, corner or exhibition space becomes the place where desires arise and will be transformed into needs and where supply meet demand in a perfect synthesis between objective analysis and market experience.


• 360 ° sales and distribution process management from the industrial process to the store.
• Rationalization of business management in all its areas: integrated logistics, in-store services, invoicing, accounting activities and e-commerce processes.
• Creation of a control system that allows our customer to monitor each individual item.
• Highly specialized team who always guarantee excellent image and market positioning performance and in every store.

All-inclusive service

1. Store management: Thanks to the qualified and specialized staff, we are able to manage and take care of the entire product life cycle we distribute in every single store. The management of the store includes the supply and refill of materials.
2. Customized service: Distribution means everything, from product research, to delivery, to store setting up and personalized price.
3. Marketing: In order to give value to products and to maximize sale, we have created a marketing office which is able to designs the POP materials by involving suppliers and customers.
4. IT system: The R.e.t.i.s. program ensures data processing in line with hypermarkets, entertainment specialists and technical superstore standards.
5. Performance analysis: Market studies and sell-out data allow us to offer a personalized service to our client. Through our sales agents support we guarantees the most effective positioning of the product inside the store.
6. Category Management: Thanks to our retail experience, to our IT tools and market research, we can assist buyers to align the assortments with customer needs, by optimizing stock rotation and by maximizing the available space in terms of value.