MT Franchising

GameTekk is a Group division chain specialized in videogames and high-tech products. The goal is to create a sustainable model in the medium to long term for entrepreneurs and to ensure an unforgettable shopping experience for the end-consumer.
We aim to become the leading chain in the sector, thanks to our well qualified and highly experienced team managing the project and to our innovative capacity and competitiveness.


The shop is the place where you can cultivate your own passion at 360 degrees and share experiences by counting on knowledgeable and experienced interlocutors and stay updated on the technological trends of the future.


• Ensuring the consumer will feel part of a gaming community.
• Investing with the certainty of having a solid group supporting and developing the business.

Why GameTekk

Know How

GameTekk wants to get in touch with entrepreneurs who want to open a new store or want convert an existing one to a videogames store relying on an exclusive format. We also want to get in touch with Groups who want to create GameTekk branded shop-in-shops within their stores.
We provide all the experience of a Group with over 40 years of history. From startup phase to management and business consolidation phase. Ensuring business solidity to the GameTekk team and being the reference point for gamers are our main goals.

• Analysis, consultancy and project feasibility study.
• Supporting the choice of the most suitable product.
• Store layouts, design and equipment.
• Online and offline marketing
• Sales and sales margins control system.
• Managerial training and use of control tools.

Exclusive format

From store layouts and design to store setting up. We have many customized solutions able to be adapted to the location of the store and within a framework of coherence with the brand. We also have a large choice of products in line with our target customer: videogames, technological product, Lego products, accessories, merchandising and electric mobility.


We have a good understanding of our reference market and our target customer. We know that a project, to be successful over time, must have a series of pre-requisites. First of all we help the entrepreneur to understand if the project can go through a feasibility study: a real startup consultancy. Our goal is to continue growing and developing a sustainable and long-lasting business which requires to put in place a series of useful and intuitive business control tools.
We have developed a web app that allows the entrepreneur to monitor sales activities in real time and a series of Key Performance Indicators that will help the entrepreneur to control and drive the business.


A GameTekk franchise store can rely on a company that promote the business activities on a daily basis. The Marketing staff is continuously focused on promoting activities aimed at giving visibility and creating interest toward the brand and each store of the chain. Thanks to agreements with market players, GameTekk guarantees a continuous update on products and offers, both online and offline.
Exclusive tools such as flyers, events, on-site and online tournaments, magazines and GameTekk Cards, available to all stores, accelerate the brand’s recognition and differentiate it from the competitors. The social channels, the blog and the CRM tools are managed in order to create a sense of community and belonging to the GameTekk brand.

The partnership with Notorious Legion Esport

The GameTekk experience is the key element of differentiation from competition and for this reason it has set up a customer-oriented business system. Keeping up with the new trends in the sector worldwide it becomes a forerunner in the world of e-sports competition by establishing a partnership with NLE, one of the most important companies in the world of competitive gaming. This partnership allows to offer an organization capable of involving an integrated and complete experiential sales system, through events, tournaments and participation of influencers and pro-player champions of the NLE team.