13 May 2021

We introduce today VR|46 e-Mobility, the e-mobility and accessories project designed to unite the whole family through a shared passion and the myth of “The Doctor”, with the launch of the FUN hoverboard , the KD1 and KIDDY e-scooters.

The line was developed in collaboration with Valentino Rossi’s VR|46 Racing Apparel S.r.l.,  the company that manages his merchandising and that of many other motorbike’s pilots. It is oriented to kids and teens, offering e-scooter, hoverboards and a balance e-bike that will certainly thrill the younger audience, but it includes also a street e-scooter for the older target.

KD1, KIDDY and FUN fully embody the line’s young character and are identyfied by all the symbols inextricably linked to the legend, such as the unmistakable number 46, the electric blue and fluorescent yellow colours and the multicoloured “THE DOCTOR” logo.

  • KD1 e-scooter (recommended age 10-16 yo), dedicated to teen fans who wants to declare their sporting allegiances even when moving on urban “tracks”.
  • KIDDY e-scooter (recommended age 6-10 yo), a toy that will stimulate the imagination of younger fans thanks to its playful shape and the liveliness of the fluorescent yellow and electric blue colours, as they grow up being inspired by the legend!
  • FUN hoverboard  (recommended age 6-14 yo), one of the objects most sought-after by today’s teens, an engaging game for spending time in the open air with friends.

KD1, KIDDY and FUN are already available for offline and online distribution.

Find all products information on www.vr46e-mobility.com